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Kids Ministries

When families arrive, they are greeted at the check-in area by a Westlake Kids volunteer.

This volunteer will provide the child/children with name tags and directions to their classroom. We have energetic and caring volunteers who strive for a smooth transition from check in to check out with parents, so parents can worship in church and know that that their children are well cared for.

Westlake Kids engage in play-based activities, worship, and simple Bible lessons.

Eventually they’ll also experience small group time as they grow into the preteen years. We want the bible to leave a lasting impact, and we want to provide application activities that will help the biblical truths stick with the children.

After the service, a check-in tag is required in order to check out of Westlake Kids.

Safety and security is a priority at Westlake Church. In order to provide safe environments for our families we background check and screen all our Westlake Kids volunteers, and we have a secure check in and out system. We also have a process for notifying parents during church if their child needs them.