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We believe that it’s a crucial part of the Christian faith to be constantly on the lookout for God’s goodness, and to consistently remind ourselves of the goodness he’s shown already. Even when we are having a hard time seeing his goodness, we can still celebrate the gift of new life offered through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Celebrating God’s goodness is meant to be done on both an individual and corporate level.

We need to make worship a priority in our personal lives, and we need to make it a priority to come together as the body of Christ to worship Jesus and encourage one another.

What is worship?

We often think of worship as just singing, but it’s so much more than that!

Biblically the model of worship that we see, such as in 1 Chronicles 16:29, often involves bringing a sacrifice to God and bowing in submission to him. So worship is about making a sacrifice of some sort to show God that we’re submitting to him. Ultimately we believe that worship is a submissive posture of the heart. That means that anything can be an act of worship!

Worship isn’t what we do, but why we do it – and who we do it for.

So we can worship anywhere, at any time. Not just on Sundays! We worship by giving of our finances, giving of our time, and giving of our hearts by seeking God even when we don’t feel like it.  


Sing with us:

We don’t want to sing at you or for you–we want to sing WITH you!

We try to remove any and all obstacles for participation as we sing together on Sundays, and we know that one of the biggest obstacles is simply being familiar with the songs! Click the link to check out a sample of music you can expect to hear on a typical Sunday at Westlake.